The Truth Behind 5 Common Metal Roofing Myths

When new products reach the market, it takes some time for consumers to learn about their advantages. While metal roofing isn’t new, its popularity is relatively recent. As these roofs become more common, homeowners should arm themselves with the right information. In this new post, potential customers will find out the truths behind some of the most common metal roofing myths.

There are Few Color Choices

Not all metal roofing looks the same. Even if brick red and dark green are the most prevalent colors, remember that metal roofs come in a range of designs, shades, and styles. Consult a local roofing contractor for help finding an option that works with the home’s design.

Lightning Strikes are More Likely

Although metal is closely associated with the conduction of electricity, a metal roof does not present an additional risk of lightning strikes. Lightning isn’t attracted to the metal; rather, it tries to find the quickest way into the ground. If there is a lightning strike, the family is safer than they would be if the roof was covered in wood or asphalt shingles. While these types of roofs would ignite, metal can withstand sparks, flame, and heat.

It Dents Easily

Many believe metal roofs are easily dented if they’re hit by hail or walked upon. While large hailstones and heavy foot traffic may cause damage, metal roofs are designed to withstand some damage. When the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, footsteps won’t dent a metal roof.

They Don’t Dampen Noise

Modern metal roofing isn’t the same as the tin roofs of the past. Because of their updated designs and additional insulation, today’s metal roofs aren’t any louder than those made of asphalt or wood shingles; in fact, they may be quieter.

Rust Will Become a Problem

Metal roofing is treated for rust resistance. Aluminum is naturally resistant, and steel panels are coated with a zinc layer that prevents corrosion. Today’s metal roofs are low-maintenance and they come with warranties against manufacturing defects.

As shown, there are many misconceptions about metal roofs. However, when homeowners are ready to learn the truth, the team is here to help. Call today to request an inspection or visit the website for more information.